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April 27th, 2021

As everyone knows, Nevada is STILL limiting gathering sizes.  For Whispers, this means we could only have 25 people outside around the pool and 10 people inside the venue. The next update from the State is May 1st.  We are hoping that gathering sizes go up. 

We are also concerned about everyone's health.  A lifestyle party and social distancing do not mix.  We do not want people coming to a party and going home with COVID.  So we will not be in a rush to reopen and will not do as other parties have and continue to open during the pandemic.


Our Reopening Plan

We will open when Nevada lifts its restriction. 

Initially we will require proof of vaccination.

But as soon as they declare that the herd immunity has been achieved, we will open back up to everyone.  We will announce the reopening in three ways.

  • * Lifestyle Social Media - Kasidie, SDC, Quiver and Swingtown
    * Email Blast to all registered members
    * Announcement on this web site

We want to thank the volunteers who have helped to keep the club clean and ready to go, been maintaining the pool, hot tub, and property while most of the past year have slipped away from us.

We look forward to seeing you all again as soon as COVID becomes a memory in our rearview mirrors.


This Weekend!
Still Closed Due To COVID
Closed Due To COVID

Upcoming Parties!



Friday - 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM
Saturday Afternoon Pool Party - Noon until 6:00 PM
Saturday - 9:00 PM to 3:00 AM
Sunday Afternoon Pool Party - Noon until 6:00 PM



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Whispers Las Vegas™



Formerly Couples Oasis and for a brief period Las Vegas Playroom.


Whispers is absolutely the best venue for upscale, couples & solo ladies only, lifestyle events.  Located just 5 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, Whispers is the destination for lifestyle afternoon pool parties, evening events, and special event 3 day weekends in Vegas. 


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Confidentiality and Privacy

Whispers maintains a strict non-disclosure policy put in place for your personal protection and privacy. No one can participate in an event without having signed the non-disclosure agreement! There are no exceptions allowed under any circumstance.  Your personal privacy is important to us and strictly protected.  we identify you by using a valid and active email address.  If you do not have an email address, we will provide you with one free of charge.

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Vegas Only - Couples Only Swinger's Party

The majority of Las Vegas lifestyle venues and clubs allow solo males into their parties so there are a lot of options for them including the Red Rooster, a classic and famous swingers party.  Whispers is a venue and party for Couples and Single Ladies only and remains the only club in Las Vegas dedicated just to Couples.

A Classic Vegas Property
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Pictures of the Venue

The Whispers venue is a classic Las Vegas property and during the golden era of Las Vegas hosted many of the wild parties for Las Vegas celebrities, casino owners, and the exclusive Vegas party crowd.  With plenty of off-street parking behind the main house it provided anonymity for those not wanting to be seen coming and going.  A large backyard, outdoor kitchen and spacious pool area has designed for summer parties.  Many of these features have made this property and Whisper Parties an epic location for lifestyle parties.  The property was purchased in 2017 after it had fallen into disrepair and neglect and beginning in July 2017, the owner and Whispers management began a major effort to renovate and clean-up the venue. The results speak for themselves. 

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New to the Lifestyle

We meet new people to swinging all of the time.  We want to do our best to make you feel comfortable and to understand how things work.  We work to make sure that you will never feel any pressure to participate in any activities of a sexual nature. You are always welcome to just sit back and observe, dance, meet new sexy people and socialize. 

No always means no!

Party Basics

Parties are Bring Your Own Alcohol
We cannot store alcohol for you
Mixes are provided
Towels and Lockers are available upon request
Pool is Open - Swim at your own risk
We always recommend condoms
A Hot/Cold Buffet is provided for some parties
The summer BBQ pool parties rocks!
The Staff are all Volunteers Please Respect Them!
We are Couples Only Venue!
Membership is by Association & Common Interests

Special Theme Events

Theme Events are Special Parties held on Saturdays per month.  Some mark special events happening in Las Vegas, other events mark special events on the calendar and other are just because we have a wild itch to scratch.  Upcoming theme events are below. Many themes involve a bit of dress up, fun activities, or a great reason to celebrate!

Participation in the themes are always optional and not required in order to attend the party!


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