Couples Only & Unicorns

Whispers is for Couples and Solo Ladies Only.

What's a Unicorn you ask?  Any solo lady attending a party.


Couples Only Policy

Whispers maintains a policy of Couples Only.

We do allow and encourage our unicorns (solo ladies).

We have a limited policy for "Sponsored" males who attend with a Couples or a Solo Lady.

As of July 2017, there are 15 lifestyle parties operating in Vegas.  These parties typically allow and encourage single men to attend their parties.   Most venues charge less for couples and then gouge the solo males charging 2 to 4 times more for a solo male than a couple and that is how they make their money. Many of these venues do not police the behaviors of the single men stalking their parties.

Sponsored Solo Males

There is a limited exception to the policy of Couples Only.  This is referred to as Sponsored Solo Males.  Couples who are members may invite a solo male with them to a party under the following conditions.

  • The Host Couples Needs to be Notified in Advance
  • The Solo Male must go through an orientation and tour
  • Solo Males are restricted to the dance floor, dining area and pool area
  • Solo males can enter playrooms with the Couple Sponsoring him
  • Solo males are not allowed in the Group room
  • There is only one solo male slot per party - make arrangements in advance!
  • We have nothing against solo males.  But there are plenty of options for them here in Vegas.  We have this limited policy for some members who have a regular MMF threesome and we want to accommodate those members.


Whispers is a membership by association group of like-minded adult who are interested in expressing their sexual identity in a free and open lifestyle in an atmosphere of sensuality and privacy.
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