Whisper's has a strict non-disclosure policy for the protection of its guests.  No one may enter the venue without signing the "Membership Agreement" which contains the contractual language for the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Some people think this is a bit extreme, bit what is your privacy worth?  Whispers will never disclose who attends its parties and other guests are prohibited from talking about who and what they saw or heard about at the venue.


Privacy & Non-Disclosure

A standing and irrevocable policy of Whispers pertains to the privacy of all parties to this agreement and which is a specific agreement of non-disclosure.  Upon becoming a member or attending a party or event as a guest, all parties agree to a strict policy of non-disclosure.  Such non-disclosure includes an agreement not to disclose; the names of other members, who attends parties and activities produced by Whispers, what activities occurred at the party, the location of the parties, and the names and activities of those hosting the parties and events or volunteering to assist with the organization and execution of the parties or events.  Such non-disclosure also applies to the recording of conversations or activities either by taking digital or film pictures, recording audio, or creating video recordings with or without audio which are strictly forbidden at any time for any reason.

This agreement also pertains to all forms of digital communications including the web site, e-mails, and information posted on both the group association or Estate web site, blogs, forums, or other social networking sites whereby all parties agree not to forward, post, repost, or transmit in any digital format, any such materials.  As part of this agreement, parties in violation to this agreement are responsible for any and all reasonable damages caused by the disclosure, including but not limited to attorneys’ fees, and any costs associated with recovering any digitally transmitted, posted, or re-posted copies of any such disclosures.  This nondisclosure agreement remains in effect even after the termination of a membership and never expires for any reason in order to protect the privacy in accordance with Nevada law of all members and guests.

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  Whispers is a membership by association group of like-minded adult who are interested in expressing their sexual identity in a free and open lifestyle in an atmosphere of sensuality and privacy.  
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