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Whispers Membership is easy!

Whispers is a private social group by association, online organization conducting private activities on the Internet as a social organization.  As an Internet based social organization you are joining a community of interest that is 100% volunteer organized and managed. 

The events organized will generally but not always be at the venue, they are sometimes trips, outdoor events, sports gatherings and watch parties, meet and greets at other public locations. 

In order to attend any Whispers Sponsored Event you must sign and abide by the Whispers Membership and Non-Disclosure Agreement

Privacy is paramount, so you cannot enter, attend, or tour the venue without signing the non-disclosure agreement.

Membership requires a valid email address.  There are no membership fees, membership is free.


Membership Checklist

You will be asked to sign the Membership Agreement

You will need to bring an ID for your first visit
The ID is used to validate your signature
and to provide proof-of-age (must be 21+)

Memberships F.A.Q.

Q. Who can become a member?
A. Any adult aged 21 and over who is part of a couple, and solo-females not attending with a partner.

Q. Why have a membership agreement?
A. The membership agreement contains a strict non-disclosure agreement (NDA), that and the code of conduct are the primary reasons we require that everyone becomes a member. We take privacy very seriously and violation of the NDA will result in aggressive action. Violating the code-of-conduct will get your membership suspended or even canceled.

Q. What if I come with another partner?
A. You will re-register as a couple.  Both (or multiple) memberships will remain on the record.

Q. Is there a membership fee?
A. No, there is never any membership fees.

Q. Who decides on who gets a membership?
A. The membership committee does not decide who gets a membership, everyone is automatically assumed to be eligiable if they sign the membership agreement. The membership committe only makes decisions when a membership has to be revoked for any reason.



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We have volunteers who manages the mailing list for the venue and all events associated with Whispers.  This will keep you up to date on all of the activities at the venue.


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Whispers is a Private Party for its Online Membership

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